Name Tizzy
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Occupation Fairy Godmother
Alignment Good
Friends Ruby Hanshaw, Princess Sofia, Jade
Likes Making people's dreams come true, having wings
Dislikes Failing to grant people's wishes
First Appeared "In a Tizzy"

Tizzy is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "In a Tizzy". She is Ruby's over-eager Fairy Godmother who wanted to earn her wings and the only way she could do that is to make someone's dreams come true. Unfortunately for her, making people's dreams come true was difficult as all her attempts ended in disaster, mainly because she kept overdoing it with the magical assistance.


Due to being over-eager and over-supportive, her attempts to help make people's dreams come true always ended in disaster making her chance of earning her own wings impossible. Before meeting Ruby, she was the Fairy Godmother to a Skier and then to a Ballerina. She tried her best to help them make their dreams come true but because of her over assistance, both of her previous Godchildren ended up humiliated and hurt.

Tizzy was in the woods crying when she first met Ruby and after telling her how difficult it has been for her, Ruby asked her if she could help her with her dream of winning the Dinwiddie Pedal Power race which she happily accepted. Using her magic, she recreated Ruby's Go-Carriage to the way she imagined it and began helping her practice, to Jade's disapproval. Unfortunately, she once again became over-supportive, using her magic to help Ruby with almost everything and not letting her do things by herself.

On the day of the big race, Tizzy cast a spell on the pedals of Ruby's Go-Carriage so they would move all by themselves, to Sofia's disapproval. But, because of her enchantment, Ruby's Go-Carriage went out of control and crashed into a barn. After the accident, Sofia told Tizzy to stop helping Ruby because what she was doing was making her cheat. So to really help Ruby, Tizzy used her magic to restart the race and this time let Ruby race all by herself with her support. When Ruby won, Tizzy finally succeeded in making someone's dream come true and earned her wings.