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Sofia the First: Forever Royal
Season 4, Episode 26
Forever Royal Title Card.jpg
Air date September 8, 2018
Written by Craig Gerber
Michael G. Stern
Directed by Jamie Mitchell
Mircea Mantta
Songs in this Episode On Such A Big Day
At Royal Prep
Get Wicked
For One and All
On Your/My Own
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Sofia the First: Forever Royal is a television special that premiered on September 8, 2018 and is the final episode of Season 4 and the series overall, serving as both the Season 4 and the series finale.


Sofia and Miranda are riding in the Royal Coach to Dunwiddie Village. They arrive at the shoe shop that used to be their home and workplace before Miranda married Roland and became Queen, and Sofia a Princess. Sofia finds it just as they left it when they moved to the castle to live with Roland, Amber, and James. Miranda shows her why she brought Sofia back there: She made her daughter a pink dress and matching shoes that match her original Princess dress to wear for her graduation from Royal Prep. Sofia happily thanks her mother and then goes to change into her new clothes. After Sofia has changed into the new outfit, the pair heads back to Enchancia Castle. Sofia can't believe today is her last day at Royal Prep. Miranda states that she can't believe Sofia went to Royal Prep or that she's a Queen, noting they've come a long way since they lived in their shoe shop and were just peasants, to which Sofia sighs. Miranda notices her sighing and asks Sofia what's wrong. Sofia explains that the other students want her to make a speech at graduation and she doesn't know what the right thing to say is on such a big day like graduation day. Miranda assures her she'll do fine. Sofia's animal friends give her a tart. Cedric gives her a new tiara. Roland, Amber, and James are excited for graduation, and the Royal Family heads to the coach. However, Chrysta and Skye show up and tell Sofia she needs to go to the Mystic Isles at once: Azurina has spotted Prisma on the Isle of Crystals and she needs to be dealt with immediately before she could go after something there that would get her access to the Wicked Nine. Sofia tells Amber, who agrees to cover for her until she returns from her mission. Sofia, Skye, and Chrysta then head to the Mystic Isles to deal with Prisma.

On the way to the Mystic Isles, Sofia tells Chrysta that it's odd that Prisma would go to the Isle of Crystals since the Wicked Nine are all locked up safe and sound in the Protectors' Castle on the Isle of Protectors and the Wicked Nine were what Prisma was really after lately. Sofia quickly comes to the conclusion that Prisma's sighting on the Isle of Crystals is a decoy ruse to lure the Protectors away while she obtains the Wicked Nine from the unguarded castle. Chrysta assures Sofia that Garish was left behind to guard the Protectors' Vault, which has an unbreakable lock. Sofia reminds her that Prisma still has her Nessci-Key and might break into the Vault with it, and have some way to lure Garish away as well, leaving the Vault completely unguarded. Realizing she's right, Sofia, Skye, and Chrysta then head to the Protectors' Castle where, sure enough, Prisma has broken into the Vault, having used Twitch and Wormwood to distract Garish so she could sneak in undetected with the lone guard gone. Prisma then sets in motion her plan to absorb the magic of the Wicked Nine. Using their Enchantlets, Sofia and Chrysta intercept and finally stop Prisma, recapturing her just in time. Sofia even gets her Nessci-Key back. Orion and Vega arrive with the other Protectors, who take Prisma away to imprison again after she was stopped by Sofia and Chrysta. Orion then notes that the Locket of Vor that Prisma had with her has been destroyed, and hopes that Vor is destroyed too. Sofia asks who Vor is, and Orion explains that Vor is an evil sorceress who tried to use her magic ring to conquer every single Realm eons ago. The Protectors stopped her and imprisoned her spirit inside her Locket. They then divided up her ring and sealed the pieces inside the Wicked Nine to ensure the pieces could never be reunited and bring Vor back. Sofia wonders if that was why Prisma was seeking the Wicked Nine. Vega reminds her that Prisma just wanted all of that power for herself. However, Vega also tells Sofia that if Prisma had completed the spell, Vor would have been released, her ring restored, and would be unstoppable as not even the Protectors would be able to stop her this time and Vor would be free to finish what she started eons ago. With that knowledge now known to her, Sofia heads back to Enchancia to attend her graduation at Royal Prep. At Royal Prep, everyone is wondering where Sofia is. Amber assures everyone that Sofia's on her way. Sofia arrives on Skye and finds Desmond, the valedictorian, who's hiding because he's afraid to give his speech as the valedictorian. Sofia pulls him to the stage and they give their speeches together, to everyone's joy, helping Desmond overcome his stage fright, and Sofia her own concerns about making a speech herself.

Back on the Mystic Isles, Twitch and Wormwood visit Prisma in her cell. Prisma is furious that she came so far in her plans, just to fail thanks to Sofia stopping her at the last moment before she could re-forge Vor's ring and claim its power, losing Sofia's Nessci-Key back to her as well. Suddenly, Vor's spirit appears before Prisma. It turns out that Prisma did complete the spell after all and freed Vor, along with restoring her ring, the source of Vor's power. Vor hands Prisma her ring. The second Prisma puts it on, however, Vor enters Prisma and becomes flesh and blood again, taking Prisma's body for her own and remaking it in her image. Vor reveals that she was using Prisma to get what she needed to resurrect herself all along and had no intention of giving Prisma her power to use herself for her own purposes, having only needed her as a host to recover her physical form and her part is now over with Vor whole again. Now that she's restored, she now plans to get her revenge on the Protectors and Sofia before trying once more to conquer the realms like she had done eons ago. Wormwood and Twitch pledge themselves to her, promising to help her make her dreams a reality. Vor rewards their loyalty with turning Twitch into a winged unicorn and imprisons the Protectors, catching them by surprise when she reveals to them she's alive after they thought her spirit perished when the Locket was destroyed earlier by Sofia when she stopped Prisma.

Back at Royal Prep, everyone is preparing to go home now that the graduation ceremony is over. Vivian is sad since they will be going to different schools now compared to when they were all together at Royal Prep. Amber tells her they will all still be friends. Everyone then leaves to go to the party at Enchancia Castle to celebrate before parting ways to return home to their respective kingdoms. Clover comes up to congratulate Sofia. Suddenly, Sofia gets a call from Chrysta. Chrysta informs her of Vor's release and the imprisonment of the Protectors. Sofia asks Amber to cover for her again while she's away helping the Protectors once more. She then heads to the Mystic Isles with Clover on Skye.

On the Mystic Isles, it is revealed that Vor has Chrysta under a mind control spell and that her call to Sofia is bait to lure Sofia into a trap. Vor plans to trap Sofia in the Mystic Isles with the rest of the Protectors and conquer the Ever Realm as her first step to finishing what she started eons ago, starting with Sofia's own home with the Kingdom of Enchancia as her first target. Sofia, Clover, and Skye arrive at the Protectors' Castle. Orion and the other Protectors warn her about Vor's trap. Sofia and Clover stop in time, but Skye is too late and falls into the trap: A magical barrier that keeps anything from getting out. Chrysta reveals the real purpose of her call earlier. Vega tells Sofia that Vor's goal is to spread evil everywhere she goes and is heading to Enchancia. Orion also warns her that Vor's going to seal the gate to the Mystic Isles and that if she doesn't get through in time, she'll be trapped in the Mystic Isles forever with the rest of them. With Skye trapped, Sofia turns herself into a flying unicorn and heads to the gate. Sure enough, Vor has cast a spell to seal the gate and trap anyone still in the Mystic Isles once they close for an indefinite amount of time. Thanks to the speed of her flying unicorn form, Sofia gets through just in time before they shut completely and would have trapped her with the other Protectors so she couldn't stop Vor. Sofia and Clover also find Vor just in time to see her conjure a legion of Crystal Soldiers to conquer Enchancia and then the Ever Realm using remains from her prison. Sofia and Clover feel they can't handle this on their own and fly off to go get help to aid them against Vor.

At Enchancia Castle, Baileywick and Cedric are getting the castle ready for the party. Miranda states that the decorations are almost as nice as having the whole family back together. She then states "Speaking of which, where is Sofia?" Amber tells them Sofia is running an errand. James notes that Sofia has been running a lot of errands lately. Meanwhile, Vivian, Desmond, Ruby, and Jade are on their way to the party at Enchancia Castle to join Sofia and her siblings. Jade thanks Vivian for taking them to the party. Vivian tells her that "Any friend of Sofia is a friend of mine." Suddenly, the quartet spots a pink unicorn. The unicorn is revealed to be Sofia when she changes back into her human self, to their shock. They ask Sofia how she did that, to which Sofia reveals the truth about her Amulet. She then tells them about Vor. The quartet agrees to help Sofia as she's always been there for them. In Dunwiddie Village, the group unleashes an ambush on Vor and her minions, but Vor overpowers them with her magic, still proving too powerful for the kids to handle thanks to her ring. Lucinda shows up to help, but Vor is still too powerful, even for the young witch. Sofia urges her friends to go to the castle and warn her family. However, her friends tell her to do that as they still want to help her. Unfortunately, after Sofia leaves to warn her family herself, Vor easily subdues her friends with her mind control spell and gets them to tell her where Sofia is heading so she can intercept her. On her way back to the castle, Sofia tries to summon Minimus. Vor appears and battles Sofia for a short time, but Minimus rescues Sofia and flies her to safety. Vor then moves to attack the castle, deciding Sofia wasn't worth the effort to pursue for the moment after she escaped with Minimus. Cedric tries to fight back, but Wormwood takes his wand, disarming him and removing the only real threat to Vor, enabling her to take him and the Royal Family prisoner, placing them under one of her mind control spells like with Sofia's friends and forcing Roland to take off his crown for Vor to burn to a crisp with her ring, indicating his reign as King is over, before ordering them to lock themselves up in Cedric's tower while she lays claim to the throne room. 

Meanwhile, Sofia and Minimus have retreated to the Secret Library to escape Vor's grasp. Sofia discovers Vor's conquest in the distance and feels like all hope is lost. Suddenly, her Amulet glows blue. The Library then follows suit. A book called The Tale of Princess Sofia is selected. Sofia rides the elevator down to receive the story. The book goes inside the pendulum and the Narrator tells Sofia her latest story she needs to find a happy ending to: 

Once, there was a young girl named Sofia. She lived in the village with her mother, Miranda, and was happy, but missed her father, a sailor, who had been lost at sea. In the nearby castle lived King Roland II, who had wanted a family so badly he tried making a wish in a wishing well. The wish came true and twins were born. But the Queen fell gravely ill. The children were happy but never knew what it was like to have a mother. Until one day King Roland and Miranda fell in love and married. Sofia treasured her new family more than anything and she also became a Princess with the responsibility to protect her family, friends, and all those who dwelt in her Kingdom. So when the day came the evil Vor took everything Sofia held dear, the young Princess was faced with her biggest challenge yet...

Sofia sadly notes she already tried to give this story a happy ending and she failed. The Narrator tells her "But Sofia, you are the Storykeeper." The pendulum then turns into a man who is revealed to be the Narrator. The Narrator tells Sofia that he is the first Storykeeper. He built the Secret Library centuries ago and filled it with many books that didn't have happy endings. He also tells Sofia that she is one of the few who have been able to follow in his footsteps so magnificently. He also reminds Sofia that all she loves is in danger and only she can save them. However, he also explains that she must be willing to face this evil on her own and be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice before disappearing. Sofia sends Minimus to the harbor to wait for her and exits the Library to save her family. First, she turns herself into a mermaid and swims back to the passageway to her room. She then enters her room with her shrinking ability. After that, she then uses the Whichway Bow to find her family in Cedric's tower. Robin and Mia show up. After explaining what's going on, Sofia turns into a bird. After sending her bird friends to get help, Sofia flies into Cedric's tower, avoiding Vor's Crystal Soldiers standing guard at the base of the tower. Taking advantage of the mind control spell her family and Cedric are under to acquire the counter-spell and Cedric's family wand to cast it with, Sofia breaks the spell and, with help from her animal friends, she breaks her family out. When they get to the harbor, they escape on one of the royal yachts, but Sofia tells her father she must stay. Roland insists on getting them to safety as Enchancia is Vor's now, but Amber agrees with Sofia and, after Sofia turns into a flying horse, goes with her to confront Vor, with the rest of the family following suit as they have the ship turned around to return to Enchancia. 

When they arrive back at the castle, Sofia and Amber, after remembering how Elena was trapped inside it before Sofia freed her some time ago, decide to trap Vor inside the Amulet of Avalor to stop her before she can continue her conquest, in which Vor intends to attack Neverland next, then turn her attention to the worlds beyond, such as Earth, through the second star to the right. Sofia activates the ability, but refusing to be stopped so easily, Vor is able to grab and pull Sofia inside with her, despite Amber's attempts to keep it from happening. With Vor trapped inside the Amulet, the effects of her magic get undone. Cedric arrives and subdues Twitch and Wormwood, but when the rest of the Royal Family asks about Sofia, Amber reveals she's trapped in the Amulet, to their horror. Inside the Amulet, Sofia is nearly brought to her knees in defeat by Vor as she believes victory to soon be hers as she overpowers the little princess and taunts her that she can't stop her, but seeing the spirits of the Disney Princesses who had been summoned in her times of need, being Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida, Sofia is able to fight back against Vor's spells and power, and defeat Vor once and for all using the light of goodness in her heart, destroying her spirit and freeing Prisma, who is guilt-ridden over what happened and apologizes for everything she has done after seeing what her actions nearly led to. Sofia's friends, the Three Good Fairies, and the Protectors arrive at the castle. When Amber reveals what happened to Sofia, Cedric summons his parents and, with everyone's help, casts a spell that frees Sofia and Prisma, who surrenders willingly to the Protectors, accepting being taken back to the Mystic Isles and being incarcerated once more. A relieved Miranda hugs her daughter, who assures everyone that Vor is gone for good and will never threaten the Ever Realm again. Roland thanks Cedric for saving his stepdaughter and tells him that, from now on, he will be called "Cedric the Great". A remorseful Prisma is then taken back to the Mystic Isles, and Orion says that by defending both the Mystic Isles and the Ever Realm from an ancient powerful evil, Sofia has proven herself more than worthy to be a Protector. With the Circle of Light, Sofia is declared an official Protector of the Ever Realm, and the Protectors transform her dress into a new official Protector suit. Afterward, Roland invites them to the graduation party, and Cedric gives Sofia her amulet back. Minimus and Skye are happy that Sofia is unscathed. Amber admits that what Sofia did was the noblest thing she'd ever seen, and she admits she thought she was going to lose her sister. Sofia says that will never happen and that Amber will make a great queen as "Amber the First", which Amber likes the sound of. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather close the special, and the series, with the logo saying "The End".


  • This is the sixth and final special in the series, following Once Upon a Princess, "The Floating Palace", "The Curse of Princess Ivy", Elena and the Secret of Avalor, and "The Mystic Isles".
  • The Secret Library makes its seventh and final appearance in this special.
  • Sofia's friends and family finally learn the entire truth of Sofia's Amulet.
  • Several recurring characters can be seen in the audience during the graduation ceremony such as Miss Nettle, Cordelia the Conjuror, Calista, Sir Gillium and Constable Miles. Belle can be seen with them on her only cameo in the series after "The Amulet and the Anthem".
  • Tilly reveals that she knows about the Mystic Isles and the Protectors.
  • During the narration of Sofia's tale, King Roland's first wish to the Wishing Well was revealed that he wanted a family, and his late queen makes a brief appearance. Sofia's birth father is also mentioned as well.
  • Except for in the flashback during the narration of Sofia's tale, Miranda is never seen wearing her usual pink and red gown, instead wearing the cream-colored one she wore when visiting Avalor in Elena and the Secret of Avalor.
  • Garish says "How did she escape from her cell" when Prisma was not locked in the cell before the episode.
  • If Prisma was locked up before the episode, how the Evil Queen's crown but not the Nesci-key had been recovered is unknown.
  • How Cedric still had a wand after Wormwood took it is unknown.
  • Inside the amulet, several symbols associated with the princesses pass by Sofia:
  • This is the first and only episode not aired with a title card. However, a title card as released on Netflix.
  • This is the second and final episode/special to have five songs.
  • This is the longest episode at 67 minutes
  • Grand Mum appears in the finale but has no lines due to Florence Henderson's death of heart failure in November 2016.
  • A painting of King Garrick can be seen in Enchancia Castle during the song "Big Day".
  • Amber is the last character to speak in this special, making her the last character to speak in the entire series.
  • Moral: The people you love and who count on you are worth any risk or sacrifice on your part.
  • This is the final episode of the show.
  • After this episode wrapped production, most of the Sofia The First production crew went on to work on Fancy Nancy.
  • Although this marks the last appearances of Sofia, Amber, James, Roland, and Miranda on "Sofia the First", this doesn't mark their last appearance on TV, as that would go to the "Elena of Avalor" special, "Coranation Day."



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