Name Slim
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Homeland Merroway Cove
Friends Fluke, Princess Sofia, Oona, Sven
First Appeared "Cool Hand Fluke"

Slim is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Cool Hand Fluke". He is a puffer fish and a close friend to Fluke. He tries to cheer up Fluke whenever he's down. He also has a cautious side to him, warning Fluke against dangerous risks without success most of the time.


Slim first appears with Fluke, Sven, Princess Oona, Shelly, and Flip while playing Capture the Conch that Fluke wins, for which Slim showers him with compliments. Suddenly, a ship that Oona identifies as the Floating Palace appears at the surface, to Oona's delight. Oona reveals that the Floating Palace belongs to Princess Sofia, her human friend, and her family, the Royal Family of Enchancia, and swims off with an equally delighted Sven.

Oona and Sven later come back with Sofia, who everyone but Fluke is delighted to finally meet at last. Slim tries to comfort Fluke after the merboy becomes jealous of Sofia for all the attention she's getting for rescuing Oona. When Fluke tries to get a pearl out of a giant clam and gets stuck inside, Slim goes off and gets help.

Slim finds the others and tells them what happened After leading them to Fluke, Sofia gets him out but Fluke refuses to be grateful to her. When Fluke decides to get one of the mantacorn's old horns, Slim goes with him to keep him safe. After Sofia, Oona, and a reluctant Sven, due to the fact that mantacorns eat seahorses, arrive at the cave, Slim leads them to Fluke but the jealous merboy refuses to listen in a way that wakes up the mantacorn, who chases and traps them. Afterward, Slim can only listen in dismay as Fluke has a falling-out with a good and fed up Oona, who has had enough of Fluke's jealousy-induced recklessness. He is relieved when Oona forgives him but is horrified to learn that the mantacorn actually eats puffer fish.