Sir Jaxon
Sir Jaxon
Name Sir Jaxon
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Male
Occupation Knight
Alignment Good
Homeland Brazendell
Friends Princess Sofia, Minimus, King of Brazendell, Willawing
Enemies Sir Oliver
First Appeared "The Secret Library: The Tale of the Noble Knight"

Sir Jaxon is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First.


Unlike Sir Oliver, Sir Jaxon is a truly noble knight. He is honest and kind and cares about what's right. He is also very brave and bright. Unlike Sir Oliver's bravery, Jaxon's bravery comes from chivalry and which makes one self-sacrificing. He's also humble and gives credit where it's due.


Sir Jaxon makes his debut in "The Secret Library: The Tale of the Noble Knight". Sir Jaxon befriended the Dragons of Brazendell. This enabled Jaxon to learn that the dragons are harmless. This knowledge along with his knowledge of Sir Oliver's desire for glory enabled him to discover that Sir Oliver caused the fires the dragons were being blamed for so he could obtain the Ice Fire Shield to get rid of them and look like a hero. Knowing nobody would believe him due to the present hysteria, Jaxon resolved to protect the dragons himself by getting the Shield first and stopping Oliver. Sir Jaxon first appears after Sofia helps Sir Oliver out of the trap he set for him. Jaxon and Oliver fight a duel that Oliver wins through a cheap maneuver that Jaxon and Sofia both agree is a dirty trick. After he escapes from the imprisonment the trick put him in, Sir Oliver opens the dam and causes a flood. After Sofia rescues him, Sir Jaxon reveals to the young Princess Sir Oliver's deception and Sofia believes him because of Oliver's earlier dishonorable actions. Together, Sofia and Sir Jaxon defeat Sir Oliver and expose him to the King of Brazendell. After Oliver is banished, the King awards the Shield and the position of First Knight to Sir Jaxon.