Sir Henley
Name Sir Henley
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation Ice Hockey coach
Ex-judge for ice-dancing competitions
Alignment Good
Friends King Garrick, Prince Hugo
Likes Ice hockey, ice dancing
First Appeared "Lord of the Rink"

 Sir Henley is the ice hockey coach at Royal Prep. He makes his debut in the Sofia the First episode, "Lord of the Rink".

Role in the series

Sir Henley is first seen coaching Royal Prep's ice hockey team on one side of the ice rink while the princesses were having enchanted ice dancing class on the other side of the rink. Sofia was having trouble learning to ice-dance and wound up sliding into the hockey net much to her embarrassment. Sir Henley didn't think sharing the rink was a good idea, so he let Flora have the rink for the rest of the day while he took the princes out for a run much to the princes' dismay. Later in the episode, Prince Hugo's father King Garrick asked Sir Henley if he could be the assistant hockey coach, so he could have some quality time with his son, and Sir Henley agreed. Like Garrick and the rest of the hockey team, Sir Henley was unaware of Hugo's passion for ice-dancing. When the other princes caught Hugo ice-dancing, they helped protect his secret by telling Sir Henley and Garrick that Hugo was too sick to come to practice. When Sofia showed up at hockey practice, Hugo revealed his passion for ice-dancing to Garrick and Sir Henley. When Sofia took Hugo to the ice-dancing recital, Sir Henley, Garrick, and the rest of the hockey team followed them and made it in time to watch Sofia and Hugo perform an amazingly wonderful duet. Sir Henley told Garrick that his son was the very best ice-dancer he'd ever seen and revealed that he'd judged at least a dozen competitions. At the end of the episode, Sir Henley, Garrick, and Flora happily watched at Hugo and Sofia helped the other princes learn how to ice-dance.