Season 4
Episodes 26[1]
Premiere Episode "Day of the Sorcerers"
Premiere Date April 28, 2017[1]
Finale Episode Forever Royal
Finale Date September 8, 2018
Preceded By Season 3
The fourth season is the fourth and final season overall in the Disney Junior series, Sofia the First. The show was renewed on Disney Junior on April 14, 2015. Season four premiered on April 28, 2017.


Sofia’s journey continues, taking her far beyond the walls of Enchancia! When Cedric is invited to a secret meeting of sorcerers, he must choose between taking over the kingdom and his friendship with Sofia. On a mission to the land of talking dragons, James’s brash attempts at heroics lead to a heated situation! And after discovering Sofia’s storykeeper role, Amber insists on coming along on a mission to the mysterious and enchanted Mystic Isles. With the help of her friends and her magical amulet, Sofia is ready for any adventure!




Kings and Queens


Various characters

Magical Characters


No. Title Original air date Prod. code
1 "Day of the Sorcerers" April 28, 2017 401
After a secret meeting of sorcerers, Cedric must choose between taking over the kingdom and maintaining his friendship with Sofia.
2 "The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal Torch" May 5, 2017 402
The secret library sends Sofia on a mission to help the dragons of the Blazing Palisades defend their home against invading sea serpents. Problems arise when James gets involved on her expedition, but his harsh attempt at heroics puts him in a heated situation
3 "The Crown of Blossoms" May 12, 2017 403
Two gnomes arrive in Enchancia to recover their lost Crown of Blossoms, which has been given to Sofia to wear during the kingdom’s annual Planting Festival.
4 "Pin the Blame on the Genie" May 19, 2017 404
After Kazeem the genie is accused of wreaking havoc in Tangu, Sofia sets out to prove his innocence.
5 "Sofia the First: The Mystic Isles" June 24, 2017 405/406/407
Sofia and Amber visit an enchanted new world; together with new friends, including an enthusiastic unicorn named Skye and mystical human-hawk creatures called Windwalkers, they must stop an evil Crystalmaster from covering the isles in crystals.
6 "The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector" June 30, 2017 409
Sofia meets her protector trainer, a feisty crystal fairy named Chrysta, and travels to the Isle of Forever Forest to begin her first assignment.
7 "The Royal Dragon" July 21, 2017 410
When Crackle doesn't have a dragon friend to bring to the annual Dragon Roast n' Toast, Sofia disguises herself as a dragon and tags along.
8 "The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist" August 4, 2017 412
While traveling to the Mystic Isles on a quest, Minimus and Skye compete for Sofia’s affection.
9 "Through the Looking Back Glass" August 18, 2017 TBA
After Cedric's sister Cordelia moves into the castle, the two siblings can't get along! Sofia tries to help by taking a peek into their past.
10 "Princess Jade" September 1, 2017 TBA
On School Swap Day, Jade goes to Royal Prep while Amber takes her place in the village at Dunwiddie School.
11 "Ivy's True Colors" September 29, 2017 417
Sofia’s amulet summons her to rescue a princess in need who turns out to be her former foe, Princess Ivy.
12 "Too Cute to Spook" October 13, 2017 411
Sofia invites Calista trick or treating.
13 "Pirated Away" October 20, 2017 TBA
While sailing to see a meteor shower, Sofia, Amber and Miranda are kidnapped by pirates!
14 "The Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eye" October 27, 2017 TBA
Chrysta and Sofia go on a stakeout in Wei Ling to protect a Wicked 9 from Prisma.
15 "The Mystic Isles: The Great Pretender" November 3, 2017 TBA
When Sofia needs an animal helper for an alchemy presentation, she holds an audition to find the perfect assistant.
16 "The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia" December 1, 2017 415
Sofia discovers that Chrysta is filling her day with Protector tasks to keep from admitting she has no family with whom to celebrate the Wassailia holiday.
17 "The Birthday Wish" January 5, 2018 TBA
Tizzy's misfired spell causes Sofia to endlessly repeat a disastrous birthday.
18 "In Cedric We Trust" January 26, 2018 TBA
When Wormwood steals Grimhilde's Crown, Sofia must help Cedric return it in order to gain back the King's trust.
19 "The Mystic Isles: A Hero for the Hoodwinks" February 16, 2018 TBA
After seeing Sofia being rewarded as a Protector, Clover takes her place on a mission in the Mystic Isles.
20 "The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies[2]" March 3, 2018 TBA
Sofia and Chrysta go undercover as fairies to stop a thief from stealing a magical Pixie Cup flower.
21 "A Royal Wedding" May 14, 2018 TBA
The arrival of the Queen Mum makes everyone question who will be the next king or queen; chaos ensues as Amber and James try to prove who will be the best.
22 "The Royal School Fair" May 15, 2018 TBA
Sofia must decide what school is right for her; James fears he may not be talented enough to make it as a knight.
23 "The Lost Pyramid" May 16, 2018 TBA
Sofia meets Princess Cassandra, an "archaeomagicalogist" (a person who studies ancient, magical objects) who happens to be blind.
24 "Return to Merroway Cove" May 17, 2018 TBA
Sofia must unravel the mystery of a missing protector and an underwater sea twister.
25 "The Elf Situation" May 18, 2018 TBA
When their parents are away, Amber, James, and Sofia are left in charge of the castle.
26 Forever Royal September 9,2018 TBA


Songs from Season 4 are listed in chronological order.

No. Song Episode
1 My Evil Dreams "Day of the Sorcerers"
2 This Island Belongs To Us "The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal Torch"
3 The Right Wrong Thing To Do "The Crown of Blossoms"
4 Give The Kid One More Chance "Pin the Blame on the Genie"
5 The Magic of the Mystic Isles Sofia the First: The Mystic Isles
6 Our Royal Plan
7 My Power Will Be Crystal Clear
8 That's Not Who I Am
9 Tough Enough "The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector"
10 All Fired Up "The Royal Dragon"
11 Pick Me "The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist"
12 Magic Touch "Through the Looking Back Glass"
13 The Dunwiddie Ditty/Huzzah! Huzzah! "Princess Jade"
14 This Feeling I'm Feeling In Me "Ivy's True Colors"
15 Super Spooky Night "Too Cute To Spook"
16 Never Lost Again "Pirated Away"
17 Listen Up "The Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eye"
18 Learn This Rhyme "The Mystic Isles: The Great Pretender"
19 That's What Wassailia's For "The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia"
20 Everything's Gonna Be Great "The Birthday Wish"
21 I Am On Your Side "In Cedric We Trust"
22 The Boldest Bravest Bunny of All Time "The Mystic Isles: A Hero for the Hoodwinks"
23 The Fairy Way "The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies"
24 Meant to Be "A Royal Wedding"
25 What You're Gonna Do "The Royal School Fair"
26 Come To Your Senses With Me "The Lost Pyramid"
27 When I Start to Make Some Waves "Return to Merroway Cove"
28 You've Gotta Have Fun "The Elf Situation"
29 On Such A Big Day Sofia the First: Forever Royal
30 At Royal Prep
31 Get Wicked
32 For One and All
33 On Your/My Own


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