Princess Maya
Name Princess Maya
Shows Sofia the First
Age 11 (season 1) 12 (season 2) 13 (season 3)
Occupation Princess of Khaldoun
Student of Royal Prep (alongside Leena)
Dazzleballer of Royal Redhawks
Ice Dancer
Alignment Good
Homeland Kingdom of Khaldoun
Family Princess Leena (sister)
Prince Khalid (brother)
Queen Anya (mother)
King Nasir (father)
Friends Princess Amber, Princess Hildegard, Princess Clio, Princess Sofia, Prince James, Princess Jun, Prince Jin, Princess Vivian, Prince Desmond
Likes Sofia, playing with her friends, Enchanted Discus
Dislikes James being a bad sport
First Appeared "The Princess Test"

Princess Maya is the Princess of Khaldoun and a minor character from the animated series Sofia the First. She was once mostly shown in "The Princess Test" when she was giving advice to Sofia. She's also friends with Princess Amber, Princess Jun, Princess Hildegard, Princess Clio and Princess Vivian.

Her parents are Queen Anya and King Nasir. She has a brother, who is Prince Khalid, and a sister named Princess Leena. They are the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Khaldoun. Her favorite game is Enchanted Discus. She is a very athletic princess as she is a member of the Royal Redhawks Dazzleball team.


Maya has brown reddish hair and hoop earrings. She usually wears a coat that is orange and white with a hat that is reddish and brownish with yellow stitches.


Maya is nice and can be very helpful.

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