Princess Leena
Name Princess Leena
Gender Female
Occupation Princess of Khaldune
Student of Royal Prep
Alignment Good
Family Queen Anya (mother)
Princess Maya (sister)
Prince Khalid (brother)
King Nasir (father)
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Jun, Prince Jin, Princess Amber, Prince James, Princess Clio, Princess Hildegard, Princess Vivian
Likes Playing, picnics, Princess Sofia, having fun, decorating her parasol
Dislikes James being a bad sport, gloating, messing up, bad luck

Princess Leena is a minor princess in the series Sofia the First. She makes some background appearances at Royal Prep, and in "Tri-Kingdom Picnic" she spends time with Princess Amber decorating parasols.

She has a major role in "Tri-Kingdom Picnic", but does not participate in the games with her siblings. She instead spends time with Amber to decorate their parasols. She can be a bit clumsy but is good-hearted. She is also good friends with Sofia and Amber.

In Princess Adventure Club, she became a member of Princess Amber's Club.

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