Meg and Peg
Name Meg and Peg
Gender Female
Age 13 (September 15, 2003)
Alignment Good
Family Each other (sisters)
Unnamed brother
Friends Each other, Helen Hanshaw, Princess Sofia, Jade, Ruby, Baileywick, Queen Miranda, King Roland, Cedric the Sorcerer, Goodwyn the Great, Winifred the Wise, Princess Amber, Lucinda, Mossy, Prince Khalid, Prince Zandar
Likes Friends
Dislikes Getting mixed up for one another
First Appeared "The Buttercups"

Meg and Peg are identical twin sisters who appear in the Sofia the First episode "The Buttercups". They often get mixed up for one another, though they claim to be completely different. They were the new members of Sofia's Buttercups troop until Amber joined.

Meg and Peg make their second appearance in the episode "Mystic Meadows" along with the other Buttercups as they visit the retirement home for retired sorcerers. In Buttercup Amber they have shown that they can act independent of one another, seeing as one spotted Mossy and the other stood there in shock.