King Oberlyn
Name King Oberlyn
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Family Queen Tessa (wife)
Princess Kari (daughter)
First Appeared "The Princess Ballet"

King Oberlyn is a king who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. He is the father of Princess Kari.


King Oberlyn plays a mostly minor role in the series.

He made his debut in "The Princess Ballet". He first appears at Art's Night show to what his daughter do her ballet. He cheered for her performance and assured her afterward that he didn't mind that it wasn't perfect.

His first major role was in "Dads and Daughters Day". He first appears when he and Kari arrive at the Enchanted Animal Park. He and his daughter have a really good time most of the day. During the Father-Daughter Sing Along, he and Kari reveal that when Kari was three he took her out for midnight tea to help her conquer a fear of the dark she had at the time. Disaster strikes when King Henrik takes a Pelicant egg for his daughter despite Miss Elodie telling him to leave the animals alone and the Pelicants attack the group. They get saved by Princess Sofia and King Roland who return the egg to the pelicants.