Name Indigo
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Occupation Witch
Alignment Neutral, later good
Friends Lucinda, Princess Sofia, Lily
Enemies Lily (formerly)
Likes Scary things, hexes
Dislikes Lily (formerly), Sofia (briefly)
First Appeared "Cauldronation Day"

Indigo is a wicked witch and one of Lucinda's best friends in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First.


She first appears in "Cauldronation Day" when she and the other witchlets arrive at Lucinda's house for her Cauldronation. Indigo wants to be Lucinda's witch of honor and constantly bickers with Lily the Good Witch, who also wants the position, most of the time. When their constant quibbling makes Lucinda mess up the spell she is using to make her Raven Catcher in a way that makes it crooked, a good and fed up Lucinda decides to make Sofia her witch of honor. Indigo protests this decision since Sofia, who she met earlier, is not a witch, but Lucinda's mother tells her it is not against any rules. Sofia tells her she did not expect Lucinda to pick her, but Indigo is angry that Sofia "stole her best friend" and as she watches Lucinda and Sofia making the potion to finish the ceremony, she gets jealous and decides to "send that Princess who should never have been made witch of honor far, far away" by putting a hex on Lucinda's Raven Catcher that makes it take off with Sofia on it, but Lily tries to stop her. This causes the Raven Catcher to crash into the potion and spill it out, which turns everyone but Lucinda and Sofia into owls which upsets Lucinda to the point where she runs off.

This makes her have another fight with Lily that makes Sofia walk up and tells them that their constant quibbling over who's Lucinda's best friend is why everything's ruined and that the way they've been acting isn't how best friends act. This makes Indigo realize how selfish she's been acting and tells Sofia how to turn everyone back to normal. After she does so and brings Lucinda back, Indigo apologizes to Lucinda and helps her successfully complete her ceremony. Afterward, she and Lily tell Sofia she should consider becoming a witch.

Physical Appearance

Indigo has red hair and brown eyes. She wears a red dress with a crimson red top with buttons down the middle, a cat pin on her collar, little black cat faces on the lower half, and a black witch's hat with a red ribbon.