Helen Hanshaw
Name Helen Hanshaw
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Occupation Buttercup Scout Master
Alignment Good
Homeland Enchancia
Family Ruby Hanshaw (daughter)
Friends Queen Miranda, King Roland II, Baileywick, Princess Sofia, Jade, Meg and Peg, Princess Amber, Mossy
Likes Spending time with the Buttercup Scouts, giving badges for hard work
Dislikes Scouts in danger, anyone getting hurt, Baileywick disturbing Sofia
First Appeared "The Buttercups"

Helen Hanshaw is a character in Sofia the First, and Ruby's mother. She debuted in "The Buttercups" when Sofia, Jade, Ruby, Meg and Peg were hiking in the woods. She was seen watching her daughter and friends when they were in the Flying Coach Pagent. She is very passionate about the Buttercup Troop and is always looking for ways to add people, such was the case when she helped convince Amber to join.