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Name Gwen
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation Kitchen maid (formerly)
Royal Inventor of Enchancia
Homeland Enchancia
Family Chef Andre (father)
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Clover, Whatnaught, Mia, Robin, Baileywick, King Roland II
Likes Inventing, following her dreams, her gizmos
Dislikes When her gizmos go wrong, her father's lack of support
Voice Ginnifer Goodwin

Gwen is a character who appeared in the Sofia the First episode "Gizmo Gwen". Once she was a kitchen maid at the castle and fulfilled her dream of becoming an inventor. She is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin.


She is the daughter of the castle chef Andre who used to invent things until a disaster with his gizmos resulted him to quit inventing, and since then tried to persuade her to do the same and be a kitchen maid.

As seen by Sofia, Gwen is known to be very creative and spends her spare time in her secret workshop building wacky and yet useful gizmos. Her gizmos include an Automatic Sponge, a Built in Baker Cupcake Maker that automatically creates cupcakes, a Teeter Totter Rug Swatter that can beat the dust out of rugs and a Bicycle Built for Tunes which plays music while peddling.

Sometimes her gizmos take time to work properly and sometimes they go haywire but when they do she always manages to solve the problem.

Gwen saw her chance to prove herself when Amber's berry banquet turned into a disaster. She built an automatic bowl painter but when she put it to work for the first time, it went haywire, throwing bowls everywhere. This disaster nearly made her give up on her dream but with some encouragement from Sofia she was able to fix her gizmo and it worked perfectly. Using all her other gizmos, Amber's banquet was back on track and King Roland appointed her as Enchancia's Royal Inventor. Gwen was very happy and for the first time ever, her father was proud of her.

Gwen is mentioned by Sofia in the Halloween special "Ghostly Gala" where she made a witch ornament with a rotating fan to make it move in the breeze for Sofia's Halloween party.


  • Gwen is similar to that of Maurice as she is talented at inventing, but is doubted, only to be reassured by the heroine. Interestingly, she calls her own father Papa, like Maurice was by his own daughter Belle, whom she is also similar to, in appearance, being unusual, and having aspiration to fulfill her dreams.