Name Crackle
Gender Female
Occupation Vivian's pet dragon
Alignment Good
Homeland Kingdom of Zumaria
Race Dragon
Friends Princess Sofia, Mia, Robin, Whatnaught, Clover, Princess Vivian, Minimus
Enemies Boswell, Ginger, Crispy
Likes Vivian, Clover, meeting new people, making new friends, roasting food with her fire breath
Dislikes Clover being upset, Ginger, accidentally setting things on fire
First Appeared "The Shy Princess"

Crackle is Princess Vivian's pet dragon. She is voiced by Ellie Kemper. In contrast to her shy and reserved owner, Crackle is loud and outgoing and very easily excited. Her first appearance was "The Shy Princess" when she became acquainted with Clover through Sofia and Vivian's school project. She appeared in Blue Ribbon Bunny. She seems to have a crush on Clover and got very protective of him. She does not like Ginger cause Ginger is her arch nemesis. In "Finding Clover" she helped Sofia find Clover.


She became acquainted with Clover while Sofia and Vivian worked on their class project in "The Shy Princess", but Clover did not like her at first because of her fire breath, and was afraid she would set him on fire. But the next time he and Sofia came to visit, Crackle had set up a picnic of shish-kebabs for the two of them and used her fire breath to roast the food, which made it tastier, and Clover decided that maybe Crackle wasn't so bad after all.

Crackle is shown to have a crush on Clover. Clover does not show the same affection but briefly goes over heels with Crackle in "All the Sprite Moves" after eating an enchanted Liken Berry, which has the same effects as a very powerful love potion. The berry's effects make Clover clingy for Crackle to the point of being completely creepy. After having enough, Crackle, with help from Herb the Hedgehog and Sofia, feeds Clover a Blues Berry, which contains the Liken Berry's antidote.

While always being cheerful and literally burning with excitement, Crackle sometimes shows a downside when problems for her occur. In "The Leafsong Festival" she desperately wanted to take part the festival but was unable to due to her fire-breathing. For a chance to sing, Crackle gave up her fire to Cedric, but would later take it back in order to melt the Forever Frost that covered Enchancia and save Mia.