Cordelia the Conjuror
Cordelia the Conjuror
Name Cordelia the Conjuror
Other Names Cordelia
Cordy (by Cedric)
Films Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy (mentioned only)
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Occupation Sorcereress
Alignment Good
Homeland Enchancia
Family Goodwyn the Great (father)
Winifred the Wise (mother)
Cedric the Sorcerer (brother)
Calista (daughter)
Friends Princess Sofia, King Roland II, Aunt Tilly
Likes Her beautiful hair
Dislikes Her ruined hair
Powers Magic
Paraphernalia Wand
First Appeared "Gone with the Wand"
Voice Rachael MacFarlane

Cordelia the Conjuror is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. She is Cedric's sister and a sorceress, able to cast spells like the rest of her family members.


Cordelia is first mentioned in The Curse of Princess Ivy when Cedric was telling Amber why Sofia was so angry and disgusted with her about Princess Ivy's summoning. According to Cedric, she would steal her brother's stuff all the time and he's never gotten over it.

Cordelia appeared in "Gone with the Wand" along with her daughter, Calista. She wears a brightly colored outfit and seems to enjoy luxurious magical beauty treatments. She doesn't really listen to her brother and never lets him get a word in edgewise.

While she is a bit of a kleptomaniac like her daughter, the two generally mean well and are considered to be good people.

She returns in the episode, "Through the Looking Back Glass" with her daughter Calista. It soon becomes clear she believes her younger brother can't do anything right with magic and that anything he touches will end in disaster. This was due to an incident that happened at her Sorceress Ball where she lost her hair and told her brother he had bungled the smokescreen spell.

When her fighting with Cedric caused a magical calamity that caused the castle to shrink, she again accused her brother of bungling another spell, even though the problem started with her. When Sofia and Calista showed her what really happened at the Sorceress Ball, Cordelia realized it was her fault that the spell went wrong and that her brother did indeed have a great talent with magic and allowed him to fix her mess.

Later when King Roland appeared to demanded what Cedric did she admitted it was her at fault and that people shouldn't automatically blame her brother when things go wrong. After Cedric restores her beautiful hair, she joins her brother as they head outside to help Sofia with her homework, close friends and siblings again once more.

In the episode, "Too Cute to Spook" Cordelia and Calista are heading to a party thrown by Cordelia's friend, Muldo the Magnificent. However, Calista wants to go Trick or Treating with Sofia, as Halloween is her favorite holiday.

Cordelia reveals she reads the, "Ghastly Guide to Halloween" to Calista every night. She agrees to let her daughter go Trick or Treating with Sofia, before heading off to what Calista called, "the boring grown up party."


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