Sofia the first - A Better Me

Sofia the first - A Better Me

"A Better Me" is a song from the Sofia the First episode "Cedric Be Good", sung by Sofia and Cedric. As Cedric continues to get cursed because of his bad deeds, he asks Sofia to help him make good deeds in order to earn a power from the Amulet of Avalor.


Sofia: I think you're good, but let me suggest
A sure-fire way to bring out your best
Open your heart and just look around
'Till you find someone who's feeling down

Look at that girl there
She's off her game and lost her pep,
So give it a whirl there
Cedric: I know what to do;
put a small spring into her step

Sofia: Get her on the roll, help her score a goal
That's what you do when you wanna be a better you
Cedric: Try to save her day and make things go her way
Now I can see that I must be a better me

Sofia: If someone's home seems more like a zoo
Clean up the mess, make their problems-shoo!
Cedric: I'll find someone whose luck has really gone sour,
'Cause I've got to get a new power

Sofia: Give someone a treat when they're feeling beat
That's what to do when you wanna be a better you
Cedric: I'll have a be-nice-binge, although it makes me cringe 
They're gonna see, I'm gonna be, a better me 
Yes, hopefully soon, I can become a far, far, better me